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1 Socket
CHS Series 7
2 0.52 Mb 21.12.
2 2Wire
35 1.83 Mb 10.04.
3 Sharp
102 23.05.
4 Tayama
2 13.05.
5 Mobeye
24 07.05.
6 Uniden
32 3.07 Mb 28.02.
4 09.01.
8 Keithley
55 23.01.
9 Westfalia
31 28.01.
10 Kenwood
KMX50 series
160 28.12.
11 HP
20 12.04.
12 US Water Systems
53 26.03.
13 Keating Of Chicago
20 TS Gas
2 29.02.
14 Coline
16 29.05.
15 Sanyo
25 5.4 Mb 03.05.
16 Clarke
10 19.02.
17 Smooth Fitness
16 0.43 Mb 01.02.
18 Husqvarna
44 13.12.
19 NOA
23 31.05.
20 GrillMaster
22 04.03.
21 Mitsubishi Electric
Apricot VS 550
102 13.01.
22 Panasonic
Toughbook S10
2 0.27 Mb 15.12.
23 Sony
56 0.9 Mb 01.03.
24 Blanco
8 04.12.
25 Mitsubishi Electric
GOT2000 Series
480 16.06.
26 Clatronic
ICM 3581
50 02.03.
27 Bunn
54 3.54 Mb 19.01.

Often shortened to USR, USRobotics is a well-known brand in computer networking and communications. The company, which was founded in 1976, became well-known throughout the 1980s and 1990s computing boom quite quickly. Recognised mostly for its ground-breaking modems, USR came to represent reliable, state-of-the-art technology.

Every USRobotics manual is painstakingly written to walk readers through the complex setup and use of its products. Instructions in detail, schematics, troubleshooting advice, and compliance data are all included in manuals. Made to be used by both new and seasoned users, they guarantee that everyone can fully benefit from the features of the goods.

The gadgets from USRobotics can be divided into a few groups. They have dial-up, high-speed ADSL, and cable modems available. Among their product line are wireless networking devices, such as routers and adapters. The company is coming up with new ideas and has entered more recent markets including USB accessories and Voice over IP (VoIP) equipment.

Among the well-known USR products, the Courier modem line is a classic. Professionals came to revere the Courier modem for its durability and dependability. More lately, the USB dial-up modem USR5637 has earned positive reviews for its fusion of contemporary style and conventional functions. Wireless networking solutions are another extensive offering from USRobotics. For instance, its USR8054 Wireless TURBO Access Point & Router supports both current and legacy devices while providing fast wireless connection.

USR offers thorough web information for every product. From the USRobotics website, users can obtain the most recent firmware upgrades, drivers, and PDF manuals. A support area on the website also includes user forums where users can ask questions and share experiences, as well as technical bulletins.

Longevity and continued use of USR are evidence of its flexibility and creativity. Always changing but never compromising on quality, USRobotics is still a well-known brand in communication technology. USRobotics' manuals and materials are great aids whether you're installing a new modem or debugging a router problem.

How do I reset my US Robotics modem to factory settings?
To reset your US Robotics modem to factory settings, press and hold the reset button on the back of the modem for at least 10 seconds.
What is the default IP address for accessing the US Robotics modem settings?
The default IP address for accessing US Robotics modem settings is typically
How can I update the firmware on my US Robotics modem?
You can update the firmware on your US Robotics modem by logging into the modem's web interface and checking for firmware updates in the settings.
What is the default username and password for accessing the US Robotics modem settings?
The default username is usually 'admin' and the default password is 'admin' or 'password'.
How can I change the wireless network name (SSID) and password on my US Robotics modem?
You can change the wireless network name and password by logging into the modem's web interface and navigating to the wireless settings.
Can I use my US Robotics modem with a different internet service provider?
Yes, you can use your US Robotics modem with any internet service provider as long as it is compatible with their network.
How do I set up port forwarding on my US Robotics modem?
You can set up port forwarding by logging into the modem's web interface, navigating to the port forwarding settings, and adding the necessary information for the ports you want to forward.