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(7406) Cordless Telephone Manuals, User Guides and Instructions

  • Polycom

    VVX 400 Series

    Quick Tips for Polycom® VVX® 400 Series Business Media Phones 3725-49088-004A | UC Software 5.5.0 or later | May 2016 These Quick Tips apply to VVX 400, 401, 410, and 411 business media phones. Home Screen Displays messages, settings, and information. Available any time. Calls Screen Displays all active and held calls. Available when you have an activ ...

    VVX 400 Series 2

  • Simton


    860UserManual1Notices InformationSafety cautions To use the Phone follow the instructions in this manual. To use the power adapter that delivered with the phone. Other power adapters may damagethe phone. The phone is only for indoor use. And also avoid in high humidity, water and some otherliquids. Do not use the phone during thunderstorms. CE ...

    860 132

  • Polycom

    SoundStation IP 7000

    Polycom® SoundStation® IP 7000 Conference Phone Connected to a Polycom® HDX® System or Polycom® RealPresence® Group System in Unsupported VoIP EnvironmentsNovember, 2012 | 1725-40120-001 Rev.EUSER GUIDE ...

    SoundStation IP 7000 30

  • Uniden


    Important Safety InstructionsThis product has been designed to assure your personal safety. Improper usecan result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. Carefully observe andcomply with all warnings, cautions, and instructions placed on the product, ordescribed in this operating guide.WARNING! — When using your telephone equipment, these basic saf ...

    EP100 50

  • VTech

    i5858 - 5.8 GHZ Cordless Telephone

    1Instrucciones importantes de seguridadCuando esté usando su equipo telefónico, siempre debe obedecer las reglas básicas deseguridad para reducir el riesgo de provocar un incendio o sufrir un choque eléctrico ouna lesión, incluyendo las siguientes:1. Deberá leer y comprender todas las instrucciones.2. Siga todas las instrucciones y advertencias marcada ...

    i5858 - 5.8 GHZ Cordless Telephone 60

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