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AeroGarden 100610-BLK Quick Start Manual (16 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: AeroGarden
  • Product Name/ID: AeroGarden 100610-BLK / #13689
  • Product Category: Greenhouse Kit
  • Document Type: Quick start manual
  • File Path: aerogarden_manuals/guidessimo__aerogarden/100610-blk_13689.pdf
  • Pages: 16

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  • #1: KEEP THIS GUIDE! Simple Steps To Get Your Up and Growing Quick Start Guide Model #s: 100610-BLK; 100610-WHT; 100610-SLR Input Voltage: 120V, 60Hz, 1.5A Date Code: English ...

  • #2: 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS (SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS) When using this AeroGarden 6 electrical furnishing, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: Read all instructions before using this AeroGarden furnishing. 1. To reduce the risk of electric shock, the AeroGarden has a specific plug. Do not change the plug in a ...

  • #3: B Insert Lamp Arm into Base Push straight in. 2 Instructions Continued On Next Page Plug Lamp Cord into Lamp Hood D Insert Grow Bulbs into Lamp Hood C Lamp Cord Lamp Hood (bottom view) DO NOT TWIST BULBS! Remember to replace Grow Bulbs every 6 months. Push Lamp Cord firmly into socket in Lamp Hood. Push Lamp Arm down until you hear a “clic ...