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Freestyle FS1204 Manual  (16 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: Freestyle
  • Product Name/ID: Freestyle FS1204 / #270521
  • Product Category: Clock
  • Document Type: Manual 
  • File Path: freestyle_manuals/guidessimo__freestyle/fs1204_270521.pdf
  • Pages: 16

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  • #1: set the geographical location of your selected tide location. 7. Press S3 button, the DST (daylight savings time) setting will blink. Press S1 button or S2 button to cycle among OFF, ON and AUTO. If AUTO is selected, the watch will automatically determine if the selected location is on DST. When DST is ON, the DST indicator will be displ ...

  • #2: 4. Press S3 button, the minute digits will blink. Press S1 button to increase the digits by one unit or press S2 button to decrease the digits by one unit. Holding down either button will speed up the process. 5. Press S3 button, the alarm frequency setting will blink. Press S1 button or S2 button to cycle forward or backward respectively the ...

  • #3: ESPAÑOL S1: Botón de inicio/marea S2: Botón para resetear/parar S3: Botón de modo S4: Botón de ajustes S5: Botón de luz CARACTERÍSTICA ESPECIAL: Este producto de Freestyle tiene una característica única, Hydro Pushers ®: Los pushers se pueden pulsar bajo agua con una presión de agua dinámica (no la profundidad) de 3 ATM. MODOS DE VIS ...