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Iwatsu ADIX Quick Start Manual (6 pages)

Document Information:

  • Manufacturer: Iwatsu
  • Product Name/ID: Iwatsu ADIX / #478432
  • Product Category: Telephone
  • Document Type: Quick start manual
  • File Path: iwatsu_manuals/guidessimo__iwatsu/adix_478432.pdf
  • Pages: 6

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Document Pages Transcription:

  • #1: SINGLE LINE TELEPHONE STATION USER QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE Using the Receiver Button to Access ADIX Features - By performing a hookswitch flash (quickly pressing and releasing the Receiver Button) and dialing the desired Feature Operation Code, you can easily access ADIX features. Each feature operation code must be programmed in the ADIX database by ...

  • #2: Transferring A Call To Another Extension When speaking on an outside line: þ Quickly press and release the receiver button þ When you hear the tone dial the extension number þ Announce the call when the extension answers þ Hang up the receiver The call is automatically transferred. Receiving A Second Call When you are speaking on a call and hea ...

  • #3: Changing the Call Forward Mode All Calls Automatically forward all calls arriving at your telephone to another extension. þ Lift the receiver þ Dial the Call Forward Mode Change code and dial 1 þ When you hear the confirmation tone hang up Busy Forward calls only when you are busy on another call. þ Lift the receiver þ Dial the Call Forward Mo ...

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