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JVC LYT0583-001A Instructions Manual (80 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: JVC
  • Product Name/ID: JVC LYT0583-001A / #485880
  • Product Category: Camcorder
  • Document Type: Instructions manual
  • File Path: jvc_manuals/guidessimo__jvc/lyt0583-001a_485880.pdf
  • Pages: 80

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  • #1: LYT0583-001A EN DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA INSTRUCTIONS GR-DVL200 ENGLISH CONTENTS AUTOMATIC DEMONSTRATION 5 GETTING STARTED 6 – 13 RECORDING 14 – 30 Basic Recording For Video .................... 14 Basic Recording For Digital Still Camera (D.S.C.) ................ 17 Basic Recording For Video And D.S.C. ...... 18 Advanced Features For Video And D.S ...

  • #2: 2 EN This camcorder is designed to be used with PAL- type colour television signals. It cannot be used for playback with a television of a different standard. However, live recording and LCD monitor/ viewfinder playback are possible anywhere. Use the BN-V408U/V416U/V428U battery packs and, to recharge them, the provided multi-voltage AC Power Adapt ...

  • #3: EN3 When the equipment is installed in a cabinet or on a shelf, make sure that it has sufficient space on all sides to allow for ventilation (10 cm or more on both sides, on top and at the rear). Do not block the ventilation holes. (If the ventilation holes are blocked by a newspaper, or cloth etc. heat may not be able to get out.) No naked flame s ...