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Mitsubishi AJ71E71N-T Operation & User’s Manual (22 pages)

Document Information:

  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Product Name/ID: Mitsubishi AJ71E71N-T / #1179571
  • Product Category: Network Hardware
  • Document Type: Operation & user’s manual
  • File Path: mitsubishi_manuals/guidessimo__mitsubishi/aj71e71n-t_1179571.pdf
  • Pages: 22

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Document Pages Transcription:

  • #1: For A Ethernet Interface Module User's Manual (Hardware) AJ71E71N-T, A1SJ71E71N-T AJ71E71N-B5, A1SJ71E71N-B5 AJ71E71N-B2, A1SJ71E71N-B2 Thank you for buying the Mitsubishi general-purpose programmable logic controller MELSEC-A Series Prior to use, please read both this manual and detailed manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the pro ...

  • #2: A- 1 DANGER CAUTION z SAFETY PRECAUTIONS z (Always read before starting use) When using Mitsubishi equipment, thoroughly read this manual and the associated manuals introduced in the manual. Also pay careful attention to safety and handle the module properly. These precautions apply only to the installation of Mitsubishi equipment and the wiring ...

  • #3: A- 2 [DESIGN PRECAUTIONS] CAUTION z When laying the control wire or communication cable, do not bundle with or place near main circuit or power line. Keep them at least 100 mm (3.94 in.) away from such cables. Noise may cause erroneous operation. [INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS] CAUTION z Use the PLC in the environment given in the general specificatio ...