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NEC NP02WK Installation And Adjustment Manual (14 pages)

Document Information:

  • Manufacturer: NEC
  • Product Name/ID: NEC NP02WK / #574722
  • Product Category: Projector Accessories
  • Document Type: Installation and adjustment manual
  • File Path: nec_manuals/guidessimo__nec/np02wk_574722.pdf
  • Pages: 14

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  • #1: Wall Mount Unit NP02WK Installation and Adjustment Manual ...

  • #2: 1 Wall Mount Unit NP02WK Installation and Adjustment Manual Thank you for your purchase of this NEC wall mount unit. Please read this installation and adjustment manual carefully to ensure proper use. The Wall Mount Unit NP02WK is exclusivelyfor Projector NP-M260XS/M300XS/M350XS/ M260WS/M300WS and cannot be used for other projectors. Special skills ...

  • #3: 2 Please heed the following In this “Installation and Adjustment Manual”, to ensure the safe and proper use of the product, prevent harm to yourself and others and damage to property, various symbols are used. The symbols and meanings are as follows. Please read this manual after ensuring the contents are well understood. Improper handling and ...

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