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R & M XGC-1e Specification Sheet (11 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: R & M
  • Product Name/ID: R & M XGC-1e / #294275
  • Product Category: Greenhouse Kit
  • Document Type: Specification sheet
  • File Path: r-m_manuals/guidessimo__r-m/xgc-1e_294275.pdf
  • Pages: 11

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  • #1: XGC-1e Xtreme Greenhouse Controller The XGC-1e Xtreme greenhouse controller from C.A.P. controls all of the main devices that are used in today’s modern hydroponic garden. The built-in Fuzzy Logic ™ controls your CO 2 level with unmatched accuracy. Word To The Wise... Before attempting to operate the XGC, you should at least take ...

  • #2: “fronT panel” overvieW “The XGC-1e is a self-contained greenhouse control system designed for people who want simply the best all-in-one controller available”. Humidity Controller Temperature Controller 2 Light Outlets 2 Hydro pump Outlets Hydro “OFF” timer Hydro mode selector switch Fuzzy Logic ™ CO 2 controller Fuse protected ...

  • #3: Start-Up procedUre overvieW “There is no substitute for reading and understanding the operating manual however... You can use the instructions on this page for a trouble -free start-up”. hoW To sTarT-up The XGc 1) Locate a suitable source for power. A 3-wire, grounded, 15-amp dedicated circuit is recommended. 2) Secure the enclosure to a ...