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RCA S1000 - 512 MB Digital Player Operation & User’s Manual (49 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: RCA
  • Product Name/ID: RCA S1000 - 512 MB Digital Player / #307931
  • Product Category: MP3 Player
  • Document Type: Operation & user’s manual
  • File Path: rca_manuals/guidessimo__rca/s1000-512-mb-digital-player_307931.pdf
  • Pages: 49

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  • #1: S1000 S1001 S1010 S1031 SC1000 SC1001 SC1002 It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time. Es importante leer este manual antes de usar por vez primera su euipo. user manual ...

  • #2: EN FCC Information The descriptions and characteristics given in this document are given as a general indication and not as a guarantee. In order to provide the highest quality product possible, we reserve the right to make any improvement or modification without prior notice. The English version serves as the final reference on all products and ...

  • #3: EN Safety Information Product Registration Please fill out the product registration card and return it immediately. Returning this card allows us to contact you if needed. For Your Records Keep your sales receipt for proof of purchase to obtain warranty parts and service. In the event that service should be required, you may need both the model n ...