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Samsung SHG-120/220 Specification Sheet (1 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Product Name/ID: SHG-120/220 / #265979
  • Product Category: Security Camera
  • Document Type: Specification sheet
  • File Path: samsung_manuals/guidessimo__samsung/shg-120-220_265979.pdf
  • Pages: 1

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  • #1: SADT-100WM SADT-1 01WM SADT-102WM Wall Mount Adaptor Summary SADT-100WM/101WM/102WM, which is used when installing the SmartDome camera and Anti-Vandal camera on the wall, are solid and durable products. Features SADT-100WM SADT-101WM • Indoor/Outdoor Use • Solid Structure • Aluminum Material SADT-102WM • Indoor/Outdoor Use • Solid Struct ...