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Samsung YP-NEP32B Operation & User’s Manual (14 pages)

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  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Product Name/ID: Samsung YP-NEP32B / #258989
  • Product Category: MP3 Player
  • Document Type: Operation & user’s manual
  • File Path: samsung_manuals/guidessimo__samsung/yp-nep32b_258989.pdf
  • Pages: 14

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  • #1: 2 - CD-quality sound. MP3 refers to MPEG1 LAYER3. MP3 is a music file made of audio data compression technology with no degradation of the original sound. yepp’ is an advanced digital audio player which doesn't need a cassette tape or CD. You can download MP3 files from the Internet or PC Communications and enjoy great sound any time, any p ...

  • #2: English Parts Description 3 Place to insert SmartMedia Card Remote controller jack Connection cable terminal Reverse Forward Volume control Stop/Power Off Power On/ Play/Pause HOLDHOLD Hold switch SMC Eject Battery case Headphone/Earphone port Reverse Forward Power On/Play/Pause Equalizer/Repeat Hold switch Select repeat Stop/Power Off Volume con ...

  • #3: 4 Listening to music through yepp’ Insert batteries into the battery compartment, and then connect the remote controller (earphone) correctly. Turn on the Power Press the button on the yepp player or remote controller. Playback Press the button on the yepp player or the remote controller. NNoottee To pause playback, press the button the mark b ...