Microsoft's new patent shows a virtual reality gaming mat

Microsoft's new patent promises to partially solve the problem of a possible collision with real-world objects.

A patent discovered by Variety describes a mat denoting the boundary of a gaming space. Your VR/AR headset can use the borders of this mat to determine your location, and it will provide tactile feedback to help you stay within the specified boundaries.

In addition to the fact that with the mat you will not be able to crash into the TV or step on the cat, the mat will be able to vibrate to provide additional feedback, i.e. developers will be able to use more features for greater realism.

The patent suggests that pressure sensors inside the mat can help determine the user's position in three-dimensional space, thereby reducing dependence on cameras and sensors.

In addition, according to the idea of ​​the authors of the patent, in the middle there will be a highlighted “starting point” to which certain events can be attached, and several mats can be connected together if you have enough space in your room.

Of course, while there is no guarantee that this idea will turn into a full-fledged product, but now we at least understand in which direction the developments regarding virtual reality are moving.

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