Nvidia Ampere graphics cards may come out in the first half of 2020

Nevertheless, we obtain some information using proven sources that have never deceived us. It is reported that the release of Nvidia graphics cards based on Ampere architecture will begin in the first half of 2020. Unfortunately, the source does not name a more accurate date.

Ampere Architecture will be the successor to Turing. They promise a significant increase in productivity, the transition to the 7-nm EUV process, Samsung will take over the production of crystals for video cards. This results in reduced heat and energy consumption.

As an option, we will be able to see the first gaming video cards that will be able to run games at maximum settings with Nvidia RTX technology enabled, while the number of frames will not drop below 60 at 1080p resolution, as it is happening now.

Samsung’s replacement of TSMC’s production facilities may be due to several factors and conjectures. As we know, the 7nm TSMC production conveyor is fully loaded. Deliveries of orders are delayed until six months. Perhaps Nvidia is not happy with this situation. Another option, Samsung has proposed more favorable conditions for creating graphics processors. In any case, now we can’t find out the true reason.

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