The Floor Mat from Microsoft Will Protect VR Users as a Bodyguard

Microsoft has submitted a patent application, describing an accessory for virtual reality systems. What is meant here is a mat, able to prevent user from hitting against objects of furniture, breaking them down and getting injured.

As envisioned by Microsoft, the mat may obtain embedded markers, enabling a VR headset define the secure area borders. Besides, the mat will possess built-in pressure sensors and actuators of tactile feedback through vibrations.

To fit any room layout and dimensions the mat may get a modular structure presupposing separate sections conjoining each other.

Images in the application show the Xbox console and the Kinect controller. Surely, the application doesn’t prove that Microsoft is working on such a floor mat or that the next Xbox console (Project Scarlett) will support VR. However, one shouldn’t rule out such a prospect.

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