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    Wireless External Alarm Model: SA-103A/SA-103S Preliminary Manual 1. Introduction Congratulations on purchasing the Skylink Wireless External Alarm SA-103 Series. The SA-103 Series provide you with a piercing siren and powerful features yet ease to use. You will find the installation to be simple and be able to get the unit up and running easily. The f ...

    SA-103A 9

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    1. INTRODUCTIONUniversal Garage DoorRemote ControlModel G5MThank you for your purchase of the Skylink garage door remote control,Model G5M. There are 3 different steps you need to set-up in order touse this universal garage door remote control to operate your existinggarage door opener. These 3 steps are:1) Frequency switch – select the correct frequency ...

    G5M 2

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    The sensors must be programmed to the Household Alert® Long RangeReceiver before they can communication. You may program the sensorsto one of the 4 zones. Follow the instructions below:1. Plug in an AC adapter to the receiver.2. The green LED will be on indicating it is turned on.3. Open the back cover and there is a learn button. Press and hold th ...

    HA-300 2

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    1. INTRODUCTIONModel HA-100Household Alert®3V LithiumbatteryThe Household Alert® is designed to monitor your garage door and movementindoor or outdoor. The Garage Door Monitor sensor can be used to monitor thestatus of your garage door and advises you if the door is open. By placingthe sensor on the door panel, you will be alerted when the door is open.Th ...

    HA-100 3

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    Wireless Motion Sensor Model PS-103The Motion Sensor is designed to monitor movement around / within your house. Once motion is detected, the control panel will either alert you or alarm will be triggered. In this package, you should find a motion sensor, ball-head joint, and screws.Please follow the instructions below to set up the motion sensor ...

    PS-103 2

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    You will see 10 connectors. For connec tors “1” to “9”, the settings mustmatch with those of the transmitter.For connector “10” on the receiver, set the connector on “+” if youare using button “1” to control this receiver. If you are planning touse button “2” to control this receiver, you need to remove thisconnector. See diagram be ...

    SW-318 2

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    1. INTRODUCTIONHouselink® Garage DoorRemote ControlModel 318TR 2. INSTALLATIONIn this package, you will find a keychain transmitter with 12V alkalinebattery, a garage door receiver, a red / black wire, a mountingbracket and a clip.Red/Black Wire ClipThe following instructions will show you how to install the receiver.After installing, the keychain transmitt ...


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